When the big day finally arrives, we will have already had at least two face-to-face meetings and communicated many times on the phone or via email. We will have completed several of hours of work with you; all before you or any of your guests have arrived.

We always arrive well in advance to make certain we will have plenty of time to setup. We would much rather setup and have time to spare, than to be setting up at the last minute.

With the agenda in hand we'll go to work before we even play any music. We'll be coordinating with your other vendors, the photographer, caterer, videographer, etc., to make sure everyone knows the agenda and that all of the players agree on the game plan. We have everything mapped out from the grand entrance of the bridal party, to the last dance. It's our job to coordinate the details. If you have already hired a wedding coordinator, no problem, we'll work with them too. We'll take direction from your coordinator and continue to work with your other vendors, often times making your coordinator's job a bit easier.

As the entertainment director, we also act as the master of ceremonies for your reception. We don't just make announcements, but rather, we help paint a picture of your love for one another. Our goal is to keep your guests entertained while keeping the focus of the reception on you, the bride and groom.

When the time comes for dancing, we work to create a comfortable relaxing environment that's inviting for your guests. We have already worked out the details of the playlist for the evening, so all of the special dances are covered and you know exactly what to expect. We don't just play songs you want to hear, we make sure you're taste and sense of style is expressed in every aspect of the entertainment.

We typically incorporate both timeless classics and today's most popular hits into your playlist, but most of all, we play music that has been proven to get people out of their seats and onto the dance floor. We make sure to play tracks that everyone will love, from your grandparents to the youngest children and those who are young at heart. Weddings are family events, so we'll always keep the music appropriate. Most of all we focus on making the reception fun. We want your wedding reception to be the best wedding reception ever.

Contact us today to reserve your special date before someone else does. If you're still looking for more information please take a look at our details page.