Ah yes, the details. If I were looking for a DJ, this is where I would be. I love investigating anything and everything that I plan to spend my hard earned money on. I'm a very detail oriented person and it's just in my nature to investigate.

The most frequently asked question we always get is, "How much do you charge?" Every event we do is customized to our clients needs and the final cost really depends on the services we provide. We understand that your requirements are not just like everyone else's. We tailor our services to your needs and therefore you only pay for what you need. It would be easier for us to just offer a select number of packages like many other DJs, but then you could end up paying for services you don't need. Contact us and we'll discuss the details of your event and email you a quotation right away.

Having said all of that, people still ask us to give them a ballpark figure. Without creating a menu of services, we can tell you that basic events are often priced below $1000 and some weddings are priced below $1300. These prices of course include our performance hours but also all the time we spend working with you, planning and preparing for your event. Our prices also include our setup, teardown and travel time. If you haven't already looked at our events or weddings pages, we encourage you to look at the information we have posted, to get a better idea of what we provide for our clients.

If you're looking for details about our gear and equipment, we can tell you that we only use professional grade equipment. Our equipment is capable of delivering plenty of volume for larger crowds while producing a concert quality sound. If you're a tech head and want to know all of the details, we've got you covered. Take a look at our gear page for everything from woofers to watts.

Just want to see some pictures; we've got that as well. Take a look at our gallery page to see images of our equipment and some of our past clients enjoying the parties we have hosted over the years.

Ready to book us for your next event? Want to receive a no obligation proposal? Contact us today, we'll happily answer any questions you have and get you the information you need.


Thank you very much for DJ'ing at our 25th Anniversary party. The program that you setup was exactly what we wanted.

- Wendy & Bryan