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Guilty Pleasures – Firehouse

I’m willing to bet that many of you don’t even remember Firehouse. Those of you who do remember them probably remember their power rock ballads, “Love of a Lifetime” or “When I Look into Your Eyes.” However, my favorite Firehouse song is, “All She Wrote” and it’s the guilty pleasure I want to talk about today.

Firehouse - Firehouse

“All She Wrote” is found on Firehouse’s self-titled 1991 debut album. This album went Platinum and featured two Top 20 singles, “Don’t Treat Me Bad” and “Love of a Lifetime.” The album produced four singles in total with “Shake & Tumble” and “All She Wrote” as the final two. “All She Wrote” had limited commercial success reaching number 58 on the Billboard Hot 100 and number 25 on the Mainstream Rock charts.

Even though Firehouse released their debut album at a time when I was found myself with disposable income and spent a lot of that on CDs, I only added “All She Wrote” to my collection in 2009 after hearing the track on XMs Hair Nation. “All She Wrote” didn’t really break any new ground in the pop-metal category that was prevalent at the time. Firehouse could be compared to bands such at Bon Jovi, Poison, Warrant, or Winger. I think Firehouse would have been bigger had they come onto the scene even just a few years earlier. Remember Nirvana’s Nevermind was released in 1991, grunge was beginning to ramp up and big hair and makeup was dying out.

The video for this track was filmed at the O.C. Tanner Amphitheater at Dixie State College in Springdale, Utah.

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