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One-Hit Wonders

Top 5
My definition of a one hit wonder is this, “The one single or track from a band or artist that produces a solitary popular or ‘hit’ song in their career.” I realize there is always the possibility that a someone could produce another hit years after their first though that doesn’t often happen for these bands. Other individuals must have a different definitions of what qualifies as a one hit wonder because I often find myself scratching my head at some of the tracks popular mainstream media classify as one hit wonders. For example, I have often seen “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-A-Lot classified as a one hit wonder. Sure this track is the most recognizable track from Sir Mix-A-Lot but he had plenty of other popular songs, “Posse On Broadway”, “Beepers”, “My Hooptie”, and “Testarossa” to name a few. Billboard has list of one hit wonders on their site that is defined as, “Artists who reached No. 1 in their first and only chart appearance.” As you can imagine that is a short list of tracks.

So here is my Top 5 One-Hit Wonders, following my own definition as best as possible.

5. “I Wish” – Skee-Lo – 1995 – YouTube
4. “I Got A Man” – Positive K – 1992 – YouTube
3. “Don’t Want To Fall In Love” – Jane Child – 1989 – YouTube
2. “In A Big Country” – Big Country – 1983 – Dailymotion
1. “You Get What You Give” – New Radical – 1998 – YouTube

It was tough to come up with this list. I had a hard time finding tracks in my collection that met my definition of a one hit wonder. Technically, I should probably remove Big Country for their popularity outside of the United States. I should probably also remove Jane Child since she did have another track from her self titled debut album that received some limited success but, I bet nobody remembers it anyway.

What are your top 5 one hit wonders?