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This post is for my fellow DJs or aspiring DJs. Phil Morse from Digital DJ Tips has a series of posts on his blog titled “10 Commandments for Better Digital DJing”. The last post in this series or the tenth commandment was posted a couple days ago. This entry in the series is a video. I just finished watching the video and it’s good reminder for all of the DJs that have been in the business for a number of years. For those DJs just getting started, try to keep this in mind as you venture into this industry.

The concept for this, Phil’s tenth commandment is simple. DJing is about people and music, not about gear and tricks. There are so many choices available today when it comes to gear, equipment, hardware and software and it’s easy to get all wrapped up in pondering the latest stuff. I for one am the type of person that loves to do the research whenever I buy something new. Whether I’m shopping for some new gear for my business or a new gadget for myself, I always spend some time researching my options. I often find that myself wishing I could take three features from product A, one from product B, and two from product C for the perfect solution.

When I started in this business my equipment setup was quite simple, a dual deck DJ CD player, a mixer, a microphone, amp and speakers. That was a long time ago and all of my gear has changed since then but when I think about it, I could go back to that old gear today and still play a perfectly respectable gig.

The fact that I have new, more advanced gear with more bells and whistles than I ever imagined when I started in this business has not made me a better DJ. Still, I am a better DJ today, than when I started in this business. What, then has allowed me to improve as a DJ? – Time, experience, and practice.

If I went out today and purchased a brand new $5000 digital SLR camera would that make me a better photographer? Doubtful. If I quit my job and spent the next 10 years of my life dedicated to taking great photographs, would that make me a better photographer? If I had an eye for photography to begin with, then yes it probably would.

I’m always excited when a new DJ product comes out and I’m sure plenty of other DJs are the same way. However, the point Phil is trying to make in his blog post, and I think it’s a good one, is that you can’t just spend all your time worrying about the latest gear. When you make a purchase, just settle in with that piece of gear for a while and really get comfortable. When the novelty and excitement of that new purchase starts to wear out is just about the time when it starts to become second nature and you start producing better results.

Well that’s my take on it anyway. Props to Phil Morse for posting this video and for all the invaluable information he posts on his blog.