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First Post

Well here it is. The first post on this new blog. I have been working on a new website for my business for so long now, I can even remember when I first started. I spent a bulk of my time working on the main site found here, but I also put more than a few hours tweaking this Word Press blog to get it the way I wanted it.

I found a free Word Press theme online that I liked but it was pink. I took that theme and modified it into what you see here now. I had to modify all the graphics to change them from pinkish hues to these blueish green tones. I also had to modify the CSS stylesheet again to switch from pink to this color scheme. I have been teaching myself the current website programming and design standards throughout this project to launch a new website. I’m not a CSS expert, yet, but I have learned quite a bit along the way. The stylesheet for this Word Press theme was pretty complex at over 2300 lines of code. In many ways it’s harder to modify someones code than it is to create your own. It took me a while to figure out the structure of the code to get this theme tweaked. It took the better part of a long weekend to tweak because I’m a perfectionist. I think the result looks pretty good.

I decided to modify an existing theme rather than create my own for a few of reasons. First, I tried my hand at creating my own theme and while it’s not impossible, it would have taken me a lot more time to get to the point where I could launch this blog. Second, I had originally planned to integrate this blog directly into my main site but I ran into problems trying to make that happen. I used php includes on my main site and I just couldn’t get Word Press to play nice with that structure. Finally, along the way I decided that I would rather have this blog stand on it’s own and be more about me and my interests rather than strictly about my DJ business. We’ll see how that works out.

The reality is that my new website and this blog isn’t even ready for public consumption just yet. I would like to have everything ready to go and launch this new site in the next couple weeks; we’ll see how that goes. As I write this I’m thinking about how to categorize this post. I haven’t created any categories yet. I’m thinking Geek sounds like a good category for this post.